Essay on juvenile crime in india

Healy reported that companionship was a single factor causing delinquency in 34 per cent of the cases while Burt gives the figure at 18 per cent.

It is time to sit up and take notice of the root cause of what is no longer an isolated incidence of a disturbed youngster. Offices also, now a days, are engaged in delinquency and the percentage is growing up day by day. The results, thus, did not show any significant difference between the I.

The teachers of such schools gradually try to become substituted parents and help the children in generating a sense of security, self confidence, right attitude towards society.

Juvenile Delinquency in India : Law, Reason & History

Burt found a high correlation of 77 between delinquency and density of population. Thus, the mother is not available to take proper care of the child.

The schools also develop a number of group activities to change the ego and super ego of these children. This includes the rebellion with the norms of the society.

With the increase in urbanization and industrialization, family ties grow weaker. People prefer to have their own family of husband and wife and children. Prolonged parental deprivation particularly at the early age of life, between years is extremely adverse for the normal personality development of the child.

And the unfortunate thing is that all types of these crimes are also being committed by children below the age of 18 years. There is a communication gap and a generation gap. But there are views in opposition as well which do not subscribe to this view. In recent years there has not only been any transformation in the past attitude of the society and social thinkers towards delinquency there has also been change in law with regard to Juvenile delinquency.

White-collar crime has acquired new dimensions. However, these days, it is often the case that children are neglected. One may not believe, but it is true that almost half of the serious crimes in U. Starting from the business and use of illegal drugs and homicide murder, it may include various types of dangerous criminal offences.

During these 20 years delinquency has further increased. The teacher should give special attention to this. Strangely enough many of the states including almost all the Union Territories including Delhi have no remand homes. But, nevertheless, the average intelligence of the delinquent group is lower than the average intelligence of the normal group.

In India, the first legislation dealing with children in conflict with law or children committing crime was the Apprentices Act, Joint family system has now become a dream. Very recently one incident occurred in my residential colony.

Aspirations for status elevation have also increased in recent years. Since the parents of low S. Stott holds that delinquent breaks down is an escape from emotional situation which for the particular individual with the various conditioning of his background becomes almost temporarily invariable.

In another significant study, it was noticed that the rate of delinquency in case of socially disadvantaged youths appears about equal for whites and non-whites.

Merril made a comparative study of the average intelligence of the delinquents and non-delinquents. Thus, in 13 years the increase in the incidence of delinquency, as reports show, has the highest percentage of Juvenile crimes In short, the aim of everyone involved is to rehabilitate the individual in the society as a normal individual.

Crime by juveniles is a harsh reality in India. If the children are kept in the jails with adults the poor boys have to experience, rather undergo sexual assaults by hardened criminals and sometimes even Jail officials.

About 3 to 5 per cent of delinquent behaviour, seems to be directly associated with psychoneurotic disorders. But sociologists and psychologists strongly hold that since Juvenile delinquency refers to the cases of young minds and children at their tender age, one has to deal with such cases very cautiously and carefully.

So there was conflict and quarrel between the two gangs. He will not be stable and remain at peace unless he does these acts.

Children of some well to do highly educated parents doing very good jobs in government and non-govt. When a stable job with decent pay is hard to come by, people are often forced to resort to a life of crime.

Juvenile Crimes in India

Essay # 2. Meaning of Juvenile Delinquency: Crime committed by children and adolescents under the age of 18 years, is called delinquency. The maximum age limit and also the meaning of delinquency varies from country to country.

But it is always below 18 years of age which is the statutory age for delinquency. This sample IELTS writing is on the subject of youth crime. In this essay, you are presented with an issue and asked to discuss the 'reasons' why it is occuring and suggest 'solutions'. Crime is a topic that sometimes arises in IELTS essays and in speaking questions.

Here is your Essay on Juvenile Justice System in India! Available statistics on juvenile delinquency in India reveal that the problem is not as tense as in the western world. “Ibis may be due to variations in living conditions such as greater family affiliation and parental control, stronghold of religious convictions and due regard for moral precepts in Indian.

The administration of justice in India, unlike progressive countries is punitive rather than corrective. While in progressive countries even the adult convicts, live comfortably in rooms, on comfortable beds, have good food and enjoy the luxury of radio and television sets in their rooms, the prisoners in India are huddled in barracks having 6' x 2' cement beds, one mat and two blankets.

In India the percentage of Juvenile delinquency is very low and most people are peace loving and disciplined unlike other developed and developing countries. A study conducted by the Ministry of Education () Govt, of India indicates that 32, children were awarded sentences for delinquency in.

Here's a list of related tags to browse: Crime Essay Crime Essay Problem Solution Essay Law Essay Law Essay India Essay Crime Essay Juvenile Delinquency Essay Words: Pages: 4 Paragraphs: 18 Sentences: 42 Read Time: Etimologically, the term 'delinquency' has been derived from the Latin word delinquer which means 'to omit'.

Essay on juvenile crime in india
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Juvenile Delinquency in India : Law, Reason & History